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  1. in a ... light

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      (指畫等)看得清楚或看不清楚;【喻】好; 壞; 有利地
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    • 1. (指畫等)看得清楚或看不清楚 Two pictures have been hung in a bad light. 兩幅畫都掛在看不清的地方。
    • 2. 【喻】好; 壞; 有利地 Press reports make his actions appear in the worst possible light. 新聞報導極力醜化他的舉動。 It is hard to view his conduct in a favourable light. 他的行為實難恭維。
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      從不同的角度來看; 從不同的觀點來考慮 I view the matter in a different light. 我從不同的觀點來看這件事。 The parents viewed the problem in a different light from the school. 家長們看這個問題的觀點和學校不同。
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