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  1. in a bad temper

    • ph.
      發怒; 發脾氣
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    發怒; 發脾氣

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    • 有什麼關於心情低落的成語

      ...怏怏不樂 ◎煩惱憂戚 ◎憂愁苦悶 ◎悒悒不樂 ◎悶悶不樂 ↓ 英譯out of humor (in a bad temper; moody) He seems out of humor. He has been ...

    • 想請問一下 這篇短文中的片語有哪些

      An old admiral was famous in the navy for[7] his bad temper, so everyone tried hard not to annoy him. One week his ships were going to take part[1] in a big international exercise, so he came on board in the evening, had...

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      ... difficult_(A)_.He has a bad temper. (A)to work with(B)to work(C)working..._. (A)for putting my stuff in(B)for putting my stuff(C)to...