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  1. in a class by itself


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    • 1. 獨一無二 Her mother's hair-style is in a class by itself. 她母親的髮型稱得上是別具一格。
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    • 翻譯超級達人幫幫我!紐約廣場旅館

      ...brilliance of the legendary restaurants, The Plaza dwells in a class by itself. 從雄偉的會議廳,宴會廳到著名的餐廳,Plaza Hotel本身就蘊含...

    • 幫我翻譯一下以下的英文意思? thisperson, then to that person, then to another person, etc. 2.ask (someone) to speak in class 3.put something in its usual or proper place 4.return something to its original place 5.extinguish (stop) a fire, a cigarette 6.complete by writing in a blank space 7.create a paper copy from a computer 8.remove (paper...

    • 改為被動語態

      ... heard to laugh in the room by Mom. 解:see/watch/look was heard (by a lot of people). 解:當改為被動式...lesson should be previewed before class by students. 解:與...