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  1. in a clutter

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    • 1. 亂七八糟的 His room was in a clutter so I had to tidy it up. 他的房間亂七八糟的, 我不得不整理一下。
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      ...on a stack of newspapers four inches high placed on a chair in fornt of a desk cluttered with books and papers. 即使不是最具爭議 也是最全國最有名的...

    • 文章英翻中,幫我翻譯一下,很急!!

      給察看上下文的一典型的ad能從同樣的產品範疇中的競爭的廣告具有混亂的特徵,由具有競爭性的干擾造成的評價惡化很有可能是嚴重的,探索ad重覆是否能減少商標評價上的ad混亂的消極的結果是十分重要的。 D’Souza和Rao ( 1995 )顯示一個混亂上下文中的商標...

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      ... Network - the future of precision marketing. 0:25 In a world full of digital clutter and asynchronous communication, there is a need for changing the way ...