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  1. in a good mood

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    • 1. 心情好 It's important for a patient to keep in a good mood. 要病人心情好是很重要的。 Your father seems to be in a good mood today. 你爸爸今天似乎心情很好。





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    • To be

      好心情的英文原型 be in a good mood 例如: 我心情好→ I am in a good mood. be動詞 : 若你的主詞...只能有一個動詞 所以choose後面要加不定詞 (即 to+原V ) Be in home. 在家的原型 be動詞 : 若你的主詞是 I → am...

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      1. Jim seemed to be in a good mood, ______he snapped at me angrily when ... _____exercise a lot when I was in high school. A.was used to B. used to...

    • 急!請求高手對話中翻英~20點@@!!

      I'm in a good mood today, I bought a new car, was ready to get out there and show it... with mud. Look towards here everyone, see what I've got in my hands. You should see how amazing the effect of this...