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    in a hole

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    • Hole與Opening的分別

      ...孔眼[(+in)] There is a hole in the wall. 牆上有一個洞。 2. (動物... are two openings in the office. 那家辦事處有兩個空缺... for business 做生意的大好時機 a. (形容詞 adjective) 1. 開首的,開始的...

    • got a shot in a hole

      shot口語是精疲力盡的 hole 本義是地牢,引喻為困境 in a hole在困境 got a shot in a hole 只在困境中 2008-07-01 09:33:30 補充: got a shot in a hole 只在困境中精疲力盡...

    • *文法中不懂hole為什麼要加s?*

      ... one wants to give him a job because his shoes have a hole in one of them. 因為他的鞋子其中一雙有一個破洞, 所以沒有人給他工作...