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  1. in a hurry

    • ph.
      rushed; in a rushed manner
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    • in a hurry~翻譯

      生物形成了在主任的Hell 共同的螺紋運行通過Guillermodel Toro 影片, 從他的1993 年恐怖特點首演, "Cronos," 到他的2006 贏得奧斯卡獎的寓言, "平底鍋的迷宮," 到他深刻的喜愛為可怕看的野獸。"有□什麼我比創造享用更多寓言關於...

    • 中翻英~我的心願(簡單易懂的)

      Notice I do this in a hurry so it might not be the Moreover, I work in the area about pigs. It... me that I look like a pig and eat like a pig and sleep like...

    • 英文高手請進~

      趕時間in a hurry ex: I'm in a hurry. (我趕時間)脆脆的口感 It ...財富。It doesn't matter very much. Why don't you give in a little? Don't be so stubborn. There are many ...