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    nose a job in everything

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    • 有人可以幫幫我嗎?英文作業(急).....20點

      ...because the information was not provided. 2.What do you look for in a job? I seek to learn more in a job. It is important for me to...

    • find a job in switzerland

      Perhaps you can use the same way in Taiwan that read the newspaper and find a good job! If you don't understand what that mean, you can use some automatic language translator...

    • 可以問一下這幾句的意思嗎???

      1. What do you look for in a job? 你在工作中想追求什麼? 2.What are your weak strong points? 你的優缺點為何? 3.Discride an ideal working enviroment? 闡述一下心中理想的工作環境 (應該是discribe)