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    be all in a muddle

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    • 英文酒譜作法翻譯

      In a smallish Collins glass, muddle lime juice with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon superfine sugar. 在...1/2的杯子水的一個溫和的癤子; 保持被冷藏。 In either case, it adds a nice mellowness to the thing. 無論發生哪種情況,它...

    • Dressed up to the nines?

      ...something that’s in a state of total confusion or disarray, or people who are collectively in a muddle or at loggerheads about how to deal with some situation. For example...

    • 考試要參考用滴~感恩哦

      ...決定不干涉。 Our meiren scenario illustrates how easily communication in a cross-cultural relationship can become muddled. 在可能變得混亂的超越文化關係上,我們的美女劇本圖解多麼容易溝通。 ...