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    in a temper

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    • are easy to....句形??

      ...是「容易的」. 本句有兩種正確寫法: It is easy for one to lose temper when stuck in a traffic jam. Men can easily lose their temper when (they are) ...

    • 可以幫我看看還有哪些錯誤的地方嗎?

      ... my elder brother. He is excellent, but he is usually in a temper (in a temper就已經可以代表脾氣差了). He is a University...

    • keep one's temper用法一問's temper.) 2011-07-16 17:29:51 補充: temper = a frame of mind keep [sb] in temper = keep [sb] in a frame of mind make [sb] out of temper = make [sb] burst out anger