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  1. in advance of

    • ph.
      ahead of; before
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    • 求救英文~~英文達人.提早-Check-in

      提早三小時可用3 hours in advance of----或 3 hour prior to --- You must arrive at airport for your check-in...In advance ofin advance 這二個片語是用在時間上的提前 其他用法: pay in advance預先付款 advance man---前衛 advance booking----預訂(機票,電影票,飯店,旅館...

    • 麻煩高手幫我英翻中一句話 ^^

      版主您好, 對不起,可能句子裡少了一個逗點,讓您把句子分解看錯了。 In advance of the drafting of the research brief that will go out to tender, your task...

    • ”急” 幫翻成英文----很急

      ...service department and offer in this month (that month ) with estimating the quantity in advance of customer PARTS RECEIVE-IN of next month, in order to estimate the...