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    • CCSS Alignment Matrix翻譯

      ... in a matrix=mould for a casting =arrange in line, line up, place in line, straighten up, America aligns CCSS with the Alignment Matrix =with the affiliate, the agreement, the ally, the associate, the co-operate...

    • 請英文好的人幫我改依下

      ...each other. So I think it will make people work harder with an approptiate pressure, then people might achieve their goal. So i think goal and pressure are in the alignment.

    • 急!!請幫我翻譯這一段汽車英文

      ... suspension angles and wheel alignment 後懸吊系統角度和輪組校正...1 As with the front suspension, all steering...with the exception of toe are set in production. 和前懸吊系統一樣, 除了前...