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  1. in all respects

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    • ph.
    • 1. 從各方面看來

      I think you are wrong in all respects. 我覺得你全部都錯了。



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    • in all respects 關於這片語的用法!!(急)

      in all respects 是介係詞片語,一般當副詞用,既然是當副詞,位置在句首、句中、句尾都可能...修飾什麼,會不會引起誤會來決定位置。 例如: This agreement is in all respects governed by US law. 這協議在各方面都受到美國法律規範。 這裡...

    • 可否請英文好的大大們幫我修正一下

      ... flexible, stable, and handy. It's better than PC frame in all respects. It's the most popular and the most commonly used among all kinds...

    • 急!!自傳檢閱 20點

      ...this year. 2006-06-30 11:00:03 補充: I improve my abilities in all respects so that I can get a good job. I will choose a university in Taiwan...