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  1. in all weathers

    • ph.
      in every kind of weather, both good and bad
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    • 誰能幫我查查英文單字的解釋及例句

      ...情況---She is faithful to her boyfriend in all weather.(在各種情況下她都忠誠於她ㄉ男朋友) 經受住---...unit.(他們是單位ㄉ骨幹) 開花---Peaches flower in spring.(桃樹在春天開花) 用花裝飾---The couple...

    • 請問all weather bigot 甚麼意思??

      ...’s Typology (莫頓的歧視者的類型)。共分四種: All-weather liberal: unprejudiced in attitude; non-discriminator in behavior. 態度行為均無偏見及歧視。 Reluctant...

    • 英文作文-My favorite weather

      ... most. I have following reasons: First of all, the weather in fall is quite cool, when I can enjoy the pleasure of traveling...