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    • 1. 友善地;和睦地 They lived in amity with their neighbors. 他們與鄰居和睦相處。
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    • 拜託~英文文章會的人幫忙寫這篇大意,贈送20點

      China announced that they will present Taiwan with two pandas to express their amity. Meanwhile, Taiwanese official said that we will give ...

    • 請幫忙翻譯英文聯絡簿

      ... pulled her brother's hair one time in the car. Though she did appologize to him, Amy...against her. As for the unfriendly part, I will communicate with Amy about it.

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      ...with get married hook up with 2010-06-24 23:15:40 補充: 一、愛...adoration, adulation, agape, allegiance, aloha, amity, amorosity, amorousness, amour, attachment, delight...amoretto, amorist, amoroso, beau, beloved, bidie-in, bon ami, boyfriend, Casanova, fancy...