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    in anger

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    • lok back in anger

      ...沒有劇本耶 只有大綱而以喔^^ 中片  名:Look Back in Anger ◆譯  名:憤怒中回顧 ◆別  名:少婦怨,憤怒的回顧...

    • 請問rage 和anger用法有那裡不一樣?

      ...可以, Joey is fly into a rage較形容勃然大怒. Joey is in anger 正在生氣的,可以. Joey is filled with anger.更強調生氣...

    • anger, get angry

      ... was greatly angered at her behavior. anger也可當名詞 in great anger =(很)生氣 to be moved to anger =動怒 If you get angry, you become...