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  1. in any case


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    • 1. 無論如何 In any case, book the tickets first. 無論如何先把票訂好。
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    • In any case、 at all costs.的差別?

      ...嚴謹標準下的同義詞,意為「不計任何代價也要...」。 at all events 與 in any case 也是和上一組一樣,視為可直接互換的同義詞, 意思經中譯後為「不管發生...

    • 這句英文是甚麼意思?In any ineffectivene

      In any ineffectiveness case, a particular decision not to investigate must be directly assessed for reasonableness...

    • 商用英文文法修正

      ...would bring to be oriented? 名詞子句主詞在動詞前面 (S+V) In any case of question, dont hesitate to contact me. In case of question, don&rsquo...