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    in autumn

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    • 英文 In autumn 後面可否加逗號一問?

      In autumn leaves start to fall. (O)In autumn, leaves start to fall...隔開; 惟如果句子很短, 也可不加逗號, 所以您的想法是更符合文法的. 另例: In God we believe. = In God, we believe. = We believe in ...

    • 請幫我用英文翻譯這篇文章

      .... It is the middle period in autumn of one year at this moment, so known...a lot of customs on the Mid-autumn Festival, the form has nothing in common with each other too, but is ...

    • 有關中秋節的英文文章...月亮啊.長娥什麼都好

      The Mid-autumn Festival in Taiwan is in the eating habit respect of...important custom of Taiwan too to give a present in festival in autumn. At the beginning of every the 8th lunar month...