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  1. in back of

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    • 1. 在…的後面

      The garage is in back of the house. 車庫在房子後面。

    • 2. 造成…的原因

      Hard work was in back of his success. 勤勞是他成功的原因。

    • 3. 支持, 協助

      Get in back of your team by cheering them at the game. 比賽時應當為本隊加油鼓勵。





    • ph. 支援,主使

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    • ph. 在腰背部

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    • ph. 在思想深處,在內心

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    • ph. 腦袋後邊長著眼睛; (留意到一切而不露聲色)

    • How did you know I was behind you? You must have eyes in the back of your head. 你怎麼知道我在你後邊?你腦袋後面準是長眼睛了吧。

    • ph. 什?都能看到

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    • behind和in back of的差別

      不論是英式英語或是美式英語, behind和in (the) back of是有差別的: behind = at the back of : 在xxx的後面...他坐在小汽車後座。 The bathroom is in back of the house. 洗手間在房子的後部. 用法上此二者是...

    • at the back of相關片語差異

      片語之間的用法? at the back of, in the back of in back of , on the back of back of...在.... 想法裡面 in the back of 在....... 的裡面內 in back of , 支持 on the back of 在...... 的後面 back of , 回朔...

    • 中翻英 王先生在教室的裡面的前面唱歌

      ...front of his BMW. Mr. Wang is sitting in the back of the inside of your BMW. (車子裡面的後面) Mr. Wang...