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    • 新加坡的business

      ... is the most common way people communicate in business? Email, telephone, face to face. Answer.... (3) Try to convey most important business issues in writing (e.g. email, memo). 4. How...

    • Business Etiquette

      ... are good gifts to give to business in Taiwan? 這句問題我不清楚你想問的是 1a...area will shake hands and exchange name cards in business setting. 2008-08-28 11:55:21 補充: 5. ...

    • 想請問聲音檔裡英文對話的內容?

      ...of non-verbal communication matters most in business? Man: Just to take one example... go in a servicing counter in a shop, or I am doing business, they never seem to smile. " Now what...