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    • 1. 負責 The governor was placed in charge of the outlying provinces. 這位長官負責管理邊界各省。



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    • 有請英文高手 拜拖拜託了~~~~~~翻譯

      我的翻譯: In charge of the arm and make the executive up (the panel , control the arm and is in charge of... tube installing 1. Check? It is even to in charge of the color and luster , melt and connect ? Not obvious, have not scratched...

    • 英文文法請教..I will be in charge

      As I will be in charge of contacting with him in China, please kindly forward following...of contacting...是形容詞片語而不是動詞, 所以這個be一定不可移除. 2. in charge of 後 contact 須加 ing嗎. 或可寫 I will be in charge to contact with ...嗎. 文法...

    • 以下 in charge of 用法合理否

      ...同一文件或同一次對話,大家都知道是在談聯繫的事,只說 I will be in charge of 7 suppliers. 是可以的。但如果不是同ㄧ次就不要假設對方ㄧ定知道...