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    • 請問有誰可以告訴我這些英文單字的片語有哪些!!!

      ...一個人,好多年來他就靠施展小聰明過日子。 2007-11-18 19:58:18 補充: 7. live in clover 生活優裕 After he won the competition, his whole family ...

    • The breakup song 中的翻譯

      ...我要做個了結,所以你必須得滾!It's over, we're over Just like in crimson and clover結束了,我們ㄘㄟˋ了!ㄘㄟˋ的乾乾淨淨!(crimson and clover原為一首老歌:原歌詞...

    • 把英文翻順一點 >”<

      ...我是誰 I'll feast at yout table 我將在妳的餐桌上盡情享受 I'll sleep in your clover 我將在你的苜蓿上慢慢沉睡 who cares what the morrow shall bring 誰會...