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    in collusion with

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    • ”串供”的英文?

      ...conspiracy: Some of his employees were acting in collusion to rob him. 2.Law. asecret understanding between two or more...

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      1.成功的候選人將處理線上比賽室。 候選人將負責設計,監督和維護線上多桌和單桌比賽。 提供比賽結果,獲利和行銷活動詳細報告給上層主管. 2.申請人必须有5-7年經驗在多桌撲克牌比賽/和或副主持人經驗 3.有能力去發現共謀和任何形式的做弊. 4.一定要有在步調快速的賭博環境中與人...

    • 請求將英文翻中文,15點

      ... have individual concerns, and this can result in apparently discrepant accounts.20 Sometimes... at face value. This can be cosy but may lead to collusion: Atkinson has warned of the ...