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    in command

    • ph.
    • 相關詞
    • ph. 控制住, 統率

    • He appeared to be in command of the situation. 他似乎完全控制了局勢。

    • n. 副司令;第二把手

    • ph. second in command的名詞複數

    • n. 副司令;第二把手

    • = second in command

    • ph. second in command的名詞複數

  2. 知識+

    • Order, Bid, Command..

      ...the front. 他命令士兵奔赴前線。3. 注意 command 用作名詞時的兩類易混結構:(1) in command of 指揮……(帶有主動意味) (2) in [at, under] the command of 由……指揮(帶有被動...

    • 關於on leave的句子翻譯

      He is in command of the regiment while the colonel's on leave. 當上校(陸軍) 休假時, 他是接掌兵團的指揮權. in command of = in charge of

    • 役物而不役於物..制人而不制於人..如何翻譯??

      ... service but not vice versa; You are supposed to be in command of other people but not vice one's service: 供…差遣in command of: 控制...