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  1. in common

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    • 1. 共同 They have a lot in common. 他們有許多共同之處。 In primitive tribes people had everything in common. 在原始部落裡一切都是公有的。



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    • 副詞中的英文詞性

      [ in public, in common, in general之類的是副詞 那其中的public, common是形容詞還是名詞呢?] 這要分兩...看得見的地方」 a place accessible or visible to the public -- Merriam 韋氏字典 in commoncommon 名詞。 談人,是表示「同興趣、同意見」,談事物或地點,是指...

    • in common with ...

      文法有誤 I have something in common with him, like going shopping and doing exercise. 這樣比較好 歡迎來我部落格 裡面有語言學習討論區

    • nothing in common最貼切的中文成語?

      Usually, this phrase goes with the verb "have". So "having nothing in common" with somebody means "和某人截然不同"