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  1. in company

    • ph.
      在人群中; 偕同
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    • ph.
    • 1. 在人群中; 偕同

      You must behave well in company. 與別人在一起時你必須守規矩。

      She was in his company for an hour. 她與他一起呆了一個小時。


    「在人群中; 偕同」的反義字

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    • with your company

      介係詞有含意。 in your company 著重在「公司內」,而 with 則是表示「工作關係... have an urgent opening with ABC company based in Taichung. 我們的客戶,台中 ABC 公司有...

    • 英文 ~過去、現在、未來式

      1.He worked in a company. 2.He works in a company. 3.He will work in a company. 4.... working in a company. 9.He will have been working in a company. 註:這些句子有些要搭配正確的時間才能夠使用!!

    • within和in有什麼不一樣啊?

      in the company 就是「在這家公司」、「在公司」、「公司的」這類的意思。 within the company...公司內部範圍」 看這些例子的用法就明白: The most successful people in the company tend to come from one area of the company. -------> (指公司的人) 公司最成功...