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    • 1. 在……過程中 This highway is in course of construction now. 這條公路目前正在修建中。
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    • 片語in course of是什麼意思?

      in course of 的意思是在...過程中例子:This highway is in course of contruction now.這條公路目前正在修建中.

    • 急!!! 誰能幫我做最正確的英文翻譯!!(20點)

      ... of children concurrently in the course of going to school in the university. On... think I must often hold the attitude of study , never broken setback and in being difficult , find out most appropriate method...

    • >>>急<<<一段文章,英翻中

      In the course of I have had a great many encounters with a great many people...仔細的研究過他們 And that hasn't much improved my opinion of them. 但並沒有改變我對他們的原始印象