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    • 英文自傳修改

      ... some financial related licenses to prepare for the sake of in the days to come employment need in the future, just I have never worked for any financial organization...

    • 一句有關聽音樂的中翻英,請幫忙修正,好嗎? 謝謝喔^^' a performance at the National Concert Hall 'in' Taipei to enrich my soul. I am looking forward to this day to come. 基本上都ok 稍微修飾一下怪怪的地方....我用 ' '標了改變的地方...

    • 請問一下迎接早晨的英文要怎麼寫啊

      Welcoming the morning. (我找不到更合適的寫法) I love being on the pier that early in the morning with only the anticipation of the day to come rustling around in the air. 我喜歡在早晨上碼頭夾板, 在那就有迎接一天的來臨的氣息的感覺.