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  1. in debt


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    「ph. 負債」的反義字

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    • whom的用法

      The man ( ) real estate men call Bill is in debt to mumerous creditors. 首先...mumerous是numerous才對...

    • 怎麼找英文句子的主詞?

      ...track to buy $1.25 trillion in mortgage-backed securities plus $175 billion in debt from government-backed mortgage companies. 那 2 簡單的句子( simple sentence...

    • 公司虧損的英文句子怎麼說

      or says, Our company has had $3 billion in debt(or, in deficit). Our company are in the red for $3 billion. company in debt(in deficit) for $3 billion, or company in the red for 3 billion 皆可