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    in disgrace

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      很不討人喜歡, 令人不喜愛 He's in disgrace with his father because he told a lie. 他撒了個謊, 惹得父親很不痛快。
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    • 請問莎翁這首詩出自那個作品中?

      ...找到的,不知道是不是你想要的 柳譯「莎士比亞時代抒情詩集」 (11) When in Disgrace With fortune And Men’s Eyes 當失寵於人類與...

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      ...laughter C&G chuckle and grin CID crying in disgrace CNP continue in next post CSG chuckle snicker grin ...

    • 成語:寧為玉碎,不為瓦全

      ...敵人一陣掃射。 【英譯】Better to die with honour than to survive in disgrace.【近義词】:寧死不屈、寧為玉碎﹑至死不屈。【反義词】:忍氣吞聲、苟且偷安...