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  1. in duplicate

    • ph.
      consisting of two exact copies
  2. 知識+

    • 『一式二份』的英文~~我不要翻譯機的答案!!!

      『一式二份』 in duplicate e.g. Certificate of Origin in duplicate 產地證明書...herewith our Purchase Order No. xxxx in duplicate, of which please sign and return one copy to us for our...

    • 信用狀翻譯~~~~~~~~~~~10

      ..."字樣在提單上 insurance policies or certificates in duplicate endorsed in bland, for full CIF invoice value plus 10% covering...

    • 關於鳳梨酥內餡的英文介紹

      ...zsp?t=117297&sid=c991542cc7474b61cdb9346800222d49 I'm really interested in duplicating the super chewy pineapple filling in the Taiwan style pineapple cakes...