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  1. in effect

    • ph.
      實際上; 生效
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    • 1. 實際上; 生效 Although she is his assistant, she has, in effect, full control. 雖然她是他的助手, 但是實際上她有全部權力。 The present law is still in effect. 現行法律依然有效。


    實際上; 生效

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      ...for example, increasing a cause produces a proportional increase in an effect. In which means “in linear equations” - 在線性方程式之內...

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      ...使直接音受到反射音影響,音源就會變得模糊不清: 關於大大所提Haas effect in your own words 應該是指我們語言文字的哈斯效應, 1.譬如我們...

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      ... Code美國統一商事法典as in effect from time totime provided that 在……的... 強制性條款of law, withdraw提款all cash held in the Security Deposit保證金and apply such...