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  1. in embryo

    • ph.
      at a rudimentary stage with the potential for further development
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    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯植物學幾句摘要(20點)

      ... are formed by seminal roots arising in the embryo in addition to the radicle.Grasses are good examples of plants...

    • Became +adj+Ving ? Otherwise

      ...would otherwise be discarded by hospital. = Stem cells from embryos which would be discarded otherwise by hospital. In the above sentences, “otherwise” is an adverb used...

    • (英文)請幫我翻譯一下醫學兒科

      雄激素通路 在雄激素途徑,膽固醇是最初合成,以孕烯醇酮,它經歷了一系列的變化,最終導致在合成的睾酮(見圖1 ) 。在cah ,缺乏21 -哦結果在水平升高雄激素前體( 17的OH -孕酮和17日的OH -孕烯醇酮) ,然後轉換成雄烯二酮和脫氫表雄酮。這將創建一個多米諾骨牌...