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  1. in essence

    • ph.
      basically and without regard for peripheral details; fundamentally
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    • 菲律賓英文簡碼~女友對話~謝謝!

      essence in...d world if.. someone says means u live in that person"s heart till last beat... {In essence, in the world, if someone says that, it means you live in that person'...

    • 經濟英文高手,請幫女孩翻譯一段文章,感恩不盡!

      ...bankruptcy law. The problem is sometimes known as a “debt overhang.” In essence, coordination problems among creditors prevent the efficient provision of...

    • the precautionary principle 中譯

      實質上,謹慎主義是指在沒有任何證據指向一件事情會成為一個問題或者可能成為一個問題,卻因不明原因而不採取任何行動。 as if it were a problem 的 it是指something 在something might be a problem is not a reason這句話裡 problem跟is中間省略了which 原句應是something might be a problem...