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    in excitement

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    • excitement刺激的因素[C].....C??

      excitement 1.[U]興奮 激動 The news caused great excitement in the family. 那消息引起家裡很大的興奮 In her excitement, she ...

    • 一個英文句子

      ...and then she returned to her home, her heart BEATING in excitement. 這裡用的是分詞構句,因為沒有連接詞所以直接將動詞化為動名詞。 2. ...

    • excitement turning has just been a waste of my time and (a waste of my) excitement turning in every week. 這樣兩各項目可勉強形成對等關係, 但不是優美的措詞. 2014-05-06...