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  1. in expectation


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    • 1. 期望著;在指望中的 She was waiting in expectation. 她在期望中等待。
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    • i have high expectation on ??

      ...expectations for you? Examples: high expectations of, in expectation of 1. I am in expectation of a wage increase. 2. I have high...

    • 英文句子to V跟Ving&令人跟感到期待(3個問題)

      ... than usual. 此事在稍高於平常的期望性中發生了. expectation是期盼;預期 1) in expectation of = expectingIn expectation of what would happen, he went to the party...

    • 英文單字幫我造句~20點~急!

      ...expectation期待;預期[U][C]The dog wagged its tail in expectation of a bone.那條狗搖著尾巴,巴望吃肉骨頭。4.enforcement實施,執行;強制;強迫...