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  1. in fear and trembling


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    • 1. 非常恐懼 They stood there in fear and trembling. 他們站在那兒,驚恐萬狀。
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    • 中文翻英文(麻煩不要用翻譯機~20點

      ... speaking it is: fear of heights! I ... sweat like rain shaking and trembling hands can not move her eyes dull! In other words, as long as ...

    • 徵求英文高手幫忙英翻(10點) Part2

      ... animal now. 他現在就像隻掉入陷阱的動物般。 He sits in my chair trembling and weeping with hate and fear. 他坐在我的椅子上顫抖著,憎恨又害怕地流著眼淚。 All the time he...

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      Most of the people choose their own ways. When people woo property or fame, those things will vanish soon. Because those things are objects they can’t give us anything; maybe one day we past away for these reasons, we should...