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    in former times

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    • 麻煩翻譯一下there was but one object

      In former times 在早期,there was but one objective, 只有一個目標(but=just,只不過)to provide light for visual tasks 提供光線給需要用到眼力的工作(或勞務)

    • 善心人士 幫幫我 翻譯一段英文

      ...learn at school.I compare the classmate of having no actual practice experience in former times a the step had the social experience, this practice also makes me...

    • 英文數字倍率的文法 (高手請進)

      ... did whereas the latter have only a half of the rent in the former. => People in City A earned 3 times more than people in City B (did); however, the latter paid...