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    • Where does English come from?

      ... of England in 1066 profoundly influenced the evolution of the language. For about 300 years...17 16:29:49 補充: By the fourteenth century, Anglo-Norman...

    • 請各位英文達人幫幫忙!!!!感 謝

      ...劇作家,其實是另有其人. First, fourteen plays have scenes that take place in Italy and demonstrate a detailed... also argue that the level of vocabulary and language used in Shakespeare&rsquo...

    • 英文 (介詞) 解題 急!!

      ...still some wine left. 07. Body language changes_from_culture_to_culture...the wonderful times we had in high school. 09. Many students...sun shines_over/more than/about_ fourteen hours a day in Europe...