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    • 古早味的英文?

      ...古早味」 old style, or retro 「生意興隆」 full of prosperrous crowd of people a flourishing population during the time open(business hour... taste(fragrance, aroma) stay(in ones' mind) after eating...

    • 有誰可以給我題目A dream的一篇文章

      ... Tower, and to fall in love in France. Next, I want to..., which tell us the glory and flourish history of Egypt, the place full of sanity. Not only these two ...

    • [文法] 介紹自家環境的作文,請各位大大不吝指正

      ... River in northern Taiwan, relied mainly on agriculture in its early days. After the Restoration, factories flourished. One of the spectacular features of Sanchong is the...