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  1. in full view

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    • 1. 全都看得見的 He performed the trick in full view of the whole audience. 他在全體觀眾都看得見的情況下變護術。
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    • 請問~ \”盡收眼底\' 的英文怎麼說?

      ...whole scene at once / to have a panoramic view/ 另一種 中文:把…盡收眼底 英文:in full view of 再一種是相似詞 中文:一覽無遺 解釋:一眼看過去所有的景物都能看見...

    • 中文成語翻英文 愈多愈好 謝謝 15點

      ... flee helter-skelter.一舉兩得Kill two flies with one slap.一覽無遺In full view.一了百了Once and for all.一馬當先To be in the van(lead).一鳴驚人...

    • 中國成語~英文怎麼說

      ... you stand here looking down at the city. The wonderful scene will be in full view. 一竅不通 What you said is all Greek to me...