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  1. in good standing


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    • 1. 資格完備的;夠格的 They are psychiatrists in good standing. 他們是合格的精神病醫生。
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    • 一封信_幫我翻譯成英文(有點長)

      ... second to none. I respect your feelings, not in good standing offensive. The only thing I was wrong about ... To become...

    • 請問stand和booth不同

      stand: a table or an upright structure that goods are sold from, especially in the street or at a market 類似字: stall...where hawkers, stalls or stands or mobile or travelling shops...

    • 請問一段翻譯怎麼翻比較通順~

      ...則是指無保留意見. 所以, 第一段的翻譯是: certification is in good standing with the organizations registrar including no major findings...