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    • 中級英檢聽力回答問題

      ...到底是講真的還講假的 1. What would be a good time for a visitor to come to Taiwan and why ? 對於觀光客... autumn. Beacause it's too hot in summer in Taiwan,and winter is too cold...

    • 中文翻英文急~15點 翻譯

      ...改掉,整句會比較通順。 4. 不管歡樂或悲傷,我們依然支持著對方。←建議用in good times and bad times.這樣才比較符合and的用法! 2011-05-31 09:41:57 補充: 每...

    • 【20點】急! 英片語造句 make sentence

      ...06)The bus arrived on time.(07)He is pressed for time, because he has lots of homeworks to do in one hour.(08)This book is behind the times.(09)Last summer...