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  1. in gross

    • ph.
      一般地; 大體上; 不詳細地
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    一般地; 大體上; 不詳細地

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    • 朋友問了我這樣一個句子...........

      ...句子完整 比較好翻 也幫助了解 He wants a share of different sector in gross domestic product at factor cost 他想要在國民生產總額當中不同部門的主要支出...

    • 有關將英翻中的句子..句意能順一點!~

      一 、In 2000, gross national product per capita was just $300, 40 percent of the adult population ...國家負債三百億乞求救濟。 二、With the legitimacy of the government always in question, political leaders often purchased support by legitimizing...

    • maori

      In fact, the gross profit language has the logic very much, the car a, in e sound like egg e, in i sound like tee ee, in u sound like to o). The gross profit language has eight consonants and ...