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  1. in harmony with

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    • 1. 與...協調一致

      His tastes are in harmony with mine. 他的品味與我的一致。

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    • 英文選擇題3題: in sync with

      ... status on Facebook and fail to live ______ the real world. (A) in harmony with (B) in peace with (C) in accordance with (D) in sync with (V...

    • concordance 此字的釋意

      ... during those years. 那些年國際事間的事務不太和諧。 片語 be in harmony (with) →match; agree (with);相配;(與....)一致 例:His tastes are...

    • 請問”天地人合”的英文怎麼說呢?

      ..._1747/Harm23107493.htm 下面這篇文章的說法是 In harmony with heaven and earth,我前一陣子看到Travel Channel上"Passport...