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  1. in high demand

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    • 1. 有高度需求 With the crash of the stock market, gold is in high demand. 股票市場崩跌之後,黃金就有了高度需求。
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    • toeic 文法題目

      ... when you are selling seasoual items that are in high demand. 這題的主詞動詞在哪?麻煩分析句子結構 這句是祈使句,就像媽媽跟比較...

    • 下列英文有誰能幫我英翻中

      ...茄紅素,由成功的獲取游離基群的非定域化作用。 Lycopene is in high demand not only by pharmaceutical companies but also for the food, feed, and cosmetic ...

    • 英文摘要裡面的三個句子 juice is one of the most popular study topics due to its high demand in Spain. 另一方面, 在西班牙,由於純淨的蘋果汁的大量需求,它是被廣泛...