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  1. in hot pursuit

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    • 1. 窮追不捨 a fox with the hounds in hot pursuit 被獵犬窮追的狐狸
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    • pursue和pursuit的差別

      ...than four police cars in pursuit. 至少有四輛警車在追趕。 (搭配詞組) : in hot pursuit (= following close behind) 〔因想抓住某人而〕緊緊追趕, 窮追不捨 例: ...

    • 醫護英文笑話(急!!!)

      ... flieeing down the hospital corrider with Nurse Wrongway in hot pursuit, carrying a pot of boiling water. "No, no, nurse, I...

    • 英翻中!幫我翻譯這篇英文新聞?

      ..., the "green police" turn on their sirens and are in hot pursuit. 紐約(法新社)–一輛從布隆克斯區來紅色垃圾卡車沿著Triborough...