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    in hot water

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    • in waterin the water差別 soak it in water? 把皮革泡進水中會怎麼樣? 註: "in deep water"、"in hot water"都是屬於"in water"類; 同樣的, 如前文與水有關時, 還是要用"...

    • 英翻中with hot water and In The m

      With Hot Water 用熱水 Empty packet into bowl. 把整包倒入碗內...2 cup boiling water ;stir. 加半杯熱水 然後攪拌 In The Microwave 用微波爐 Empty packet...

    • 【英文】麻煩大大幫我翻譯文章(20點)

      ... they were sold by men who kept them warm in hot-water tanks. As the men walked up and down the rows...