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  1. in jeopardy


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    • 1. 處於危險之中 Their future is in jeopardy. 他們的前景處於危險之中。
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    • HELP~英文影片翻譯's triple A credit rating could be in jeopardy if the president and law makers fail to reach a deal...039;re always confident about the future of American in terms of what we do, uh, do you think the country...

    • 英翻中贈20點我考試要用到謝謝

      1. 如果你能在初次會面中表現亮眼 這將對你的工作有所助益 2. 作弊將會使你的考試成績受到嚴重影響 3. 我到機場為女兒送行 4. 為了在時間內完成報告 我必須抓緊閱讀的時間 5. 旅行中遵從旅遊指南的指示是很重要的 6. 期末考的成績將決定我是否能通過這個科目 7. 約翰不及格這件事使他...

    • 急....關於訂購貨品短少的問題...

      ... 16 pieces as soon as you can so that our reputation would not be in jeopardy. By the way, some of the packaging boxes of the sent...