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  1. in justification

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    • 1. 作為對...的辯解 I suppose that, in justification, he could always claim he had a family to support. 我想他反正會以養家為理由來進行辯解。
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    • 求英文翻譯中文(15點)

      在犯錯誤時,老闆不大可能會感興趣的理由。我們為我們的自我辯解的錯誤。有時最好說,原因很簡單— — 是的我犯了一個錯誤。 理解中錯誤發生的原因 由於各種原因,出現了錯誤。為了避免重複他們,你需要了解的基本原因。 例如,您可能會在憤怒和匆忙; 發言這裡的錯誤是...

    • 快來救救我~<急>20點

      ... love but the sentiment of love itself, their love can have objective justifications (in relevant aspects).Notice that love is a sort of objective relation...

    • 請幫我翻譯一下這串字合在一起的意思!

      ...of herexistence>> 對其生存的道德正當性做辯護。moral justification → 道德正當性 Man-the-sovereign will providewoman-the-liege...evade at once both economic riskand the metaphysical risk of a liberty in which ends and aims must be contrivedwithout assistance...